Kitty Ph Balance Faqs

Kitty PH Balance FAQS

1When and how often should I insert the suppository?
We recommend using one suppository at night. We recommend wearing a panty liner, as there may be watery leakage.
2How long should you use Kitty pH Balance?
Use the suppositories until you are odor free. If you are prone to vaginal odor, we recommend using 2 suppositories per week. It is safe to use suppositories on a regular basis.
3How do I insert the suppository into my vagina?
You insert the suppository like you would a tampon. You can use your fingers and push it up until you can’t feel it anymore.
4What happens when I use the suppositories?
Some women may experience mild burning or irritation. This may occur if the suppository was not inserted far enough into the vagina or if you have any irritated or open skin within the vagina. Women may also experience watery leakage, so we recommend using a panty liner at night.
5I used a suppository and have experienced some spotting, should I be concerned?
A small percentage of women experience spotting when using boric acid suppositories. It is safe to continue use if you are comfortable doing so. However, if it worsens or you begin to experience burning or irritation, we recommend you discontinue use.
6Can I have sex while taking suppositories? Oral sex?
Yes, you can have sex however we do not recommend oral sex when using the suppository.
7Will it affect my birth control pill?
Our product will not affect your birth control pill or other methods.
8Is it safe to use suppositories if I currently have an IUD for birth control?
Yes, it is safe to use with an IUD.
9Will the suppositories treat or prevent sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?
10Can you use suppositories while pregnant?
Do not use if you are pregnant, or nursing.
11Is it safe to have intercourse after I have inserted the suppository?
We recommend refraining from intercourse until after the suppository has completely dissolved. This takes between 4-12 hours.
12Can I use the suppository during my period?
We recommend that you wait until your period ends to use boric acid again.